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Liposuction or liposculpture in Sydney – which one is better?

Are you looking for information about liposculpture VS liposuction and which one is actually better? Some people think that both refer to the same thing and even use the terms interchangeably which is certainly not the case. How exactly is this so? Let’s get right to it!

How is liposculpture in Sydney at all different from liposuction?

So the question remains – which is better, liposuction or liposculpture in Sydney? Well most experts would agree that it depends on what you’re actually trying to achieve out of it. Liposuction is the procedure that you’d want to opt for if the intention is to remove relatively large volumes of fat. Liposculpture on the other hand is ideal for when the main concern is not so much as to extract excessive fat deposits but to “sculpt” the body into a more attractive and desirable form; hence the name.

Yet another important difference when it comes to liposculpture VS liposuction is the manner in which the procedure is performed. Liposuction is carried out with general anaesthetics which means that you’ll be fully sedated throughout the operation. Liposculpture on the other hand requires only the strategic application of local anaesthetics through a technique called “tumescent liposuction”. Local anaesthetics are applied directly over the problem area causing the fatty deposits to swell and liquefy. Minute surgical tubes connected to a suction machine are then used to draw the fatty deposits out and at the same time sculpt the remaining fatty deposits to promote a toned and more desirable appearance by accentuating the muscles underneath.

Now the simple fact that only local anaesthetics is used during the procedure means that you are in a better position to appreciate liposculpture before and after results. As a matter of fact, you’d be awake the whole time and your surgeon can ask you to stand in front of the mirror and call out more changes as necessary until you’re perfectly happy with the results. How awesome is that?

Would you like to learn more? Perhaps you’re looking to get started with liposculpture to get rid of a problem area and sculpt your body to a more toned and desirable form? Call us today on (02) 9906 1555 and arrange a consultation with Dr. Meaghan Heckenberg to learn everything you need to know about liposculpture VS liposuction and which one best suits your needs.

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