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Are you someone who is in their early 40s or 50s and you feel that some of the volume in your face has been reduced? Have you just lost a significant amount of weight because of a diet regime and now your facial skin is sagging? If you are experiencing either one of these situations, you may need to get facial fat transfer services.

Fat grafting in Sydney is a relatively new procedure that includes taking away a certain portion of fat and tissue from a part of the body, and then placing it in a part of your face, usually the cheeks.

A fat transfer to face procedure requires someone who does not only know what he or she is doing, but has underwent enough training and experience. The key here is knowing which clinic to go to..

If you are planning to avail this particular service, there are some points you have to consider:

  • Fat tissues may die after the transfer – Because the procedure will take away the fat tissue from its normal source of blood supply, it may not survive the transfer to the new location.
  • The entire procedure may take weeks to see the effects – Tissues are placed to the face, oftentimes the cheeks, to fill the empty parts that make the skin look saggy. However, it may take several weeks for the fat tissue to settle in its new location.
  • Fat injections usually need more than one session – Because it’s not known how much tissue would die after a transfer, more than one session may be recommended and this can span over several days to a few weeks.
  • Success of the procedure varies from person to person – The success of facial fat grafting depends per person, although the clinic working with you will only stop the procedure once it has attained your desired results.

Fat transfer cost is slightly cheaper than the usual liposuction, but the subsequent trips for follow-ups may increase the overall expenses of the patient. Still, it is a great way for adults to achieve a younger look, and for slimmed individuals to regain the lost mass in their face due to weight loss.

If you are searching for a reputable clinic to conduct fat transfer services, Be Sculptured is one of the best in the field. To know more details, just call (02) 9906 1555 or fill out their form and include all necessary information.

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