Liposuction versus Liposculpture

Are you thinking of getting liposculpture in Sydney but not quite sure about how it compares to conventional liposuction? Many tend to confuse liposculpture and liposuction as one and the same thing which isn’t actually the case. Liposculpture surgery can be described as a more precise and specialised form of liposuction and offers a number of benefits over the latter.

What makes liposculpture different?

People looking to achieve a buff and sculpted figure often opt for a liposculpture clinic in Sydney instead of the ones that offer conventional liposuction and for good reasons. Liposuction as a cosmetic surgical operation is more concerned about the extracting of significant volumes of subcutaneous and localised fat deposits, liposculpture is more about creating a slim, toned and more attractive figure without the big scars and a hospital visit.

Now one of the most significant differences between general liposuction and that of liposculpture is the use of anaesthetics. A liposculpture operation only requires the use of local anaesthetics whereas conventional liposuction requires a general application. This results to less bruising/bleeding as well as the opportunity to fine tune results. Patients are well enough to stand and look in the mirror immediately after the procedure enabling the surgeon to make changes as necessary in order to obtain the desired results.

Yet another significant advantage when it comes to undergoing liposculpture in Sydney is recovery time. Conventional liposuction is more invasive than liposculpture as it generally requires much bigger puncture points and even incisions that will take a lot more time to heal and recover from. The puncture points required in a liposculpture operation are tiny and a patient can expect to return to their normal routines shortly after the procedure.

Other notable differences also include:

    • Reduced pain and discomfort during and following the operation; no need for additional analgesics
    • No hospital admission required
    • Cost (the absence of general anaesthetics and extended hospital stay makes liposculpture a lot less expensive compared to conventional liposuction

Would you like to learn more about how Liposculpture differs from that of an ordinary liposuction procedure? Perhaps you are looking to get started and benefit from the operation yourself? Call us today on (02) 9906 1555 and arrange a consultation with Dr Meaghan Heckenberg – a highly experienced and reputable specialist when it comes to liposculpture in Sydney.

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