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Excess body fat is one of the most common problems of people all over the globe. While it is easy and takes little to no effort at all to gain weight, losing weight is a much more difficult and time-consuming journey. For people who want to immediately lose the fat, liposuction procedure is an effective option.


However, for individuals who are not necessarily on the overweight group but have stubborn fat that seems uninterested to go away, another procedure can be done. This is called liposculpture.


While some people refer to liposuction and liposculpture surgery in Sydney as the same, some experts beg to disagree. The main goal of the former is to take out fat from certain portions of the body, while the latter deals with the overall shape and contour of the body.


Here are a few things you should know whether you are looking for liposculpture for men, or liposculpture for women:


  • Clinic – Before anything else, make sure that you look for a clinic that is not only recognised or licensed, but also known for its quality services. You may ask around in your neighborhood or search online to check for the clinic’s reputation.
  • Practitioner – Most trusted clinics show not only the name of the person in charge of the procedure. They also provide some credentials, educational background and experience details to set their clients’ minds at ease.
  • Price – Liposculpture cost in Sydney varies depending on the clinic, the areas of the body where the procedure will be applied, and the type of liposuction to be used. Rates start from $1,200 up to $5,000.
  • Results – Most people who have undergone liposculpture are pleased with the results of the procedure. They often see in liposculpture before and after images that their chosen area looks better, as if it were toned through exercise.


It is worth noting that both liposuction and liposculpture do not deal with the overall weight loss of a person. These procedures are done in order to cosmetically enhance an individual’s appearance.

In case you are interested in getting this particular service, one of the most trusted clinics in Australia is Be Sculptured. As a reputable liposculpture clinic in Sydney, Be Sculptured provides a variety of cosmetic surgery services to its clients. If you want to know more about its services, then do not forget to call them on (02) 9906 1555.

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