Liposculpture - Beat the 2020 Covid Slump

Are you suffering from COVID-19 melancholy?

We can’t travel.

We can’t have parties.

We can’t really go out much at all.

Many of us are not even going out to work (though working from home is not entirely a bad thing…)

We can’t socialise as normal.

Frankly, the whole situation is wearing very thin.

Beat the 2020 COVID slump with Liposculpture!

Living well is all about finding the silver linings – and they are always there if you look for them with an open mind! 2020 has been challenging; of that, there is no doubt whatsoever. But it has also brought some revelations to the surface about how we live and what is important to us – it’s forced us to pause and take stock. To slow down a little and focus inward.
Right now is the perfect time to invest in yourself! And one way to invest in yourself is to get the body you have always wanted. Liposculpture is one way to achieve this.

Liposculpture – Why NOW is the Right Time

Making a change – any change – can be daunting, but once you decide to go ahead, sooner is usually better than later. This is because the sooner you take that first step, the sooner you will enjoy your result and reap its rewards. This applies to everything from having braces on your teeth to starting on a fitness regimen to improving your diet. The same applies to undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures.
Liposculpture is a cosmetic procedure performed under local anaesthesia and mild sedation, which delivers big results by removing fat in a very organised way to change body shape. Your expert cosmetic surgeon literally sculpts your body to its ideal shape, blending medical science techniques with an artist’s eye and skills. It is a very specialised procedure and is carried out on a day-only basis, with no hospital stay. It effectively fine-tunes those parts of the body which are resistant to the slimming effects of diet and exercise. From your chin area to your thighs, your waist to your knees, and even your ankles: liposculpture may be the solution you seek to eliminate those stubborn fatty deposits once and for all. You’ll not only look great, but you’ll also feel amazing too.
So, what are you waiting for?
All that money you’ve saved by not going out, not travelling, and not doing all the usual things you’d otherwise have been doing over the last six months (or more) can be put to great use – including helping you attain the body you’ve always wanted. Spoil yourself now – and when you have liposculpture your body shape and size will change for the better. The new “luxury item” or “luxury holiday” is yourself! 
You deserve it!

Contact Be Sculptured Today

While so many of us are spending more time at home, why not take advantage of this pause on normal life and invest in yourself – have liposculpture to feel and look your best, recover at home, and be all set to reveal a brand new and improved you when life returns to normal (and it eventually will!).
Be Sculptured is the top Sydney liposculpture clinic, located within CrowsNest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic. Dr Meaghan Heckenberg is a leading Sydney liposculpture expert. Meaghan has expert medical training, artistic talent, and the impressive experience and skill to deliver amazing results for men and women of all ages when you elect to have liposculpture. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia (the “gold standard” way) and recovery is relatively quick and minimally arduous. 
Be Sculptured is open and running as usual.
Invest in Yourself! To get the ball rolling on revealing your newly sculpted body for utmost confidence, call us today on (02) 9906 1555 or visit our websiteto book a consultation for liposculpture with Dr Heckenberg.
If you prefer to book an online consultation, book an initial liposculpture consultation here or send an email to [email protected].
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