Back in the 70s and 80s there was liposuction.

It was a pretty gnarly procedure during which patients underwent a general anaesthetic and a surgeon inserted a tube and well, sucked any excess fat out of the body.

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It was, on the whole, pretty successful although intense and patients often took considerable amounts of time to recover.

Also, because it did require a general anaesthetic there were risks involved.

And, because the patients were out to it, the procedure was performed with their lying down. This meant that when they were back on their feet the results weren’t always exactly what they had hoped for.

Today though we have liposculpture – and it is a vast improvement on its previous incantation.

Liposculpture arrived on the cosmetic surgery scene in 1985 and surgeons were impressed – as were those who underwent the procedure. And here’s why.

The technique does not require a general anaesthetic but instead, relies on a local anaesthetic solution which is used to numb tissue before the procedure.

This solution also vastly reduces the amount of bruising after the procedure, which was significant post old-fashioned liposuction surgery.

Further, this style of fat removal (gross I know, but it is what it is) can achieve stunning results.

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Liposculpture specialist surgeon Meaghan Heckenberg explains why.

“Much more refined results are possible with liposculpture than with conventional liposuction,” she says.

“This is because the patient can stand towards the end of the procedure and final adjustments can be performed which improves the overall result. The figure can be truly sculpted.”

Also, a surgeon has more time to focus and finesse due to the fact that their patient is not under general anaesthetic and is therefore at considerable less risk.

Liposculpture also benefits from the fact that the canula used to remove fat is fine. This means that it causes only tiny puncture points that are so small they don’t require stitches.

Post treatment clients are required to wear a Lycra body suit to minimise bruising and swelling too, but otherwise, they walk out of the clinic post treatment.

And they walk out with brand new bodies! Huzzah!

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One thing to bear in mind, liposculpture is not designed for those who are significantly overweight, but to remove pockets of fat and contour the body.

“It’s great for fit and healthy people who just can’t seem to shift weight in a particular spot,” explains Dr Heckenberg.

“And even though it might seem minor, it can make a phenomenal difference to someone’s shape and accordingly, their confidence.”

Dr Meaghan Heckenberg
Image: Supplied by Dr Meaghan Heckenberg

Just The Facts

Liposculpture is suitable for people of any age. Dr Meaghan Heckenberg has several clients who are in their 80s.

It doesn’t leave scars per se, but there may be tiny nick marks.

Nobody will ever know – unless they know what to look for.

It’s not cheap with the average treatment coming in at roughly $10,000. All the same, if it means you no longer spend money on gym memberships and personal training that doesn’t get you the results you’re after then it starts to look pretty good.

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