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Liposculpture is an excellent solution for anyone, male or female, who has attempted to exercise more and refine their diet to help shift unwanted fat, but have had minimal success. Or perhaps attempts have been incredibly successful, but you’re now left with the last areas that just won’t budge. Whichever the case, it is a common misconception that women are the more prominent undertakers of liposculpture. It is, in fact, a very successful procedure on the male physique and very popular among men who desire a more contoured look.

The areas of focus differ for males and females, with males more commonly requiring treatment of excess fat deposits around the neck, breast, abdomen and flank areas.

Liposculpture of the Neck

This area can be a problem area for both men and women. By contouring under the chin and removing excess neck fat, a more youthful appearance can be achieved and often without loose skin remaining post procedure. It can provide a more youthful, slimmer appearance.

Liposculpture of the Breasts

This is a treatment that can quickly solve the problem of larger or unusual sized male breasts. Often, men will have lived with embarrassment for a large portion of their lives before deciding to undergo this liposculpture procedure. The results can be life changing. Minimal down time and just two or three access points, which means breast liposculpture is relatively quick and subtle while offering excellent results and can provide men with a new-found confidence.

Abdomen and Flank Liposculpture

These areas are where men more commonly experience excess fatty deposits which often become more prevalent with the onset of age. Regardless of the amount of fat removed from these areas, the result can drastically improve body shape. Some men have a somewhat square silhouette. By working to refine this into a more triangular shape, liposculpture can achieve a more defined, refined and rejuvenated look. Saying goodbye to ‘love-handles’ or ‘muffin-tops’ can be an exhilarating experience for males and females alike.

If you are a male considering if liposculpture is the right procedure for you, we hope the above information has helped. No-one, male or female, should have to live with a body that makes them unhappy. Feeling more confident and empowered can often lead to many more positive things in life and if liposculpture is just one of the steps to help get you where you want to be, then we are honoured to be a part of that journey.

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