a man satisfied with the results of Male Breast Reduction in Sydney

Breast reduction for men

Male breast reduction in Sydney can be the answer to a particularly embarrassing and disheartening problem that some men struggle with as a result of a hormone treatment or certain hormone imbalances in the body. Needless to say, man breast as it is often called is downright unsightly such that men affected are often unhappy about their overall appearance. To make matters worse, the condition is often unresponsive to natural weight loss methods such as exercise and a low calorie diet. Fortunately there is something that you can certainly do to correct such a problem thanks to breast reduction liposculpture.

How does male breast reduction liposculpture work?

In most cases, the presence of abnormally large breast (Gynecomastia) is attributed to the large deposits of fat around the breast area. These fat deposits can be accurately targeted and siphoned out of the body through liposculpture. How exactly does it work though and what are some of the great things that you can expect out of the procedure?

To better understand what makes liposculpture such a wonderful solution when it comes to breast reduction for men, we’ve got to delve on how the surgery is actually performed. Contrary to what most people think, liposculpture is different from that of ordinary male breast liposuction which is generally more invasive and involves the use of general anaesthetics.

Now the difference lies in a method called the tumescent technique which involves directly injecting layers of fat with diluted local anaesthetics numbing the area and causing the area to swell at the same time. This in turn makes it easier to remove the fatty deposits through a small cannula essentially sculpting the body to the desired form. 

Looking to get started? You need not struggle with such an embarrassment any longer than you have to! Contact Dr. Meaghan Heckenberg today on (02) 9906 1555 and get all the help you need when it comes to male breast reduction in Sydney!

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