Liposculpture is a delicate, more refined version of liposuction with huge benefits for both men and women. 

Liposculpture for men can be just as life-changing as liposculpture for women. 

Fatty deposits in men can be problematic as they tend to settle around the middle to eventually develop into a bulging gut, and ‘love handles.’ These two areas, in particular, are a common problem among middle-aged men and can detract from an otherwise athletic appearance. 

Some men may also develop large fatty deposits on the back. Unfortunately, once these fatty deposits have formed, it is almost impossible to remove them even on the strictest diet or exercise program. The body may shrink if one loses weight but the shape does not change. 

For the majority of men aged between 20 and 40, they have come to the realisation that hours at the gym, morning runs, and strict calorie counting diets won’t make these often-embarrassing bulges go away. This is usually when they start to consider alternative methods such as male abdominal liposculpture.  

While just about every area of the female body can benefit from liposculpture including arms, neck, thighs, and legs, most requests from men are for improvements around the stomach area, removal of love handles and firming up of the chest and neck liposculpture. 

Many may think that using liposculpture to improve the appearance of the breasts would be the exclusive domain of women, but breast reduction is also a commonly requested procedure by men. Both hereditary fatty deposits and breast tissue can contribute to large breasts in men. 

Fortunately, liposculpture for men can deliver tremendous improvements in the breast area, and bring about beneficial lifestyle changes. Some men may feel more confident to take off their shirt at the beach, or change their wardrobe so they can wear tighter t-shirts, etc. 

It’s important to realise that liposculpture is not about removing excessive amounts of weight. If you are considerably overweight and are experiencing difficulties losing it, it is recommended that other procedures be sought, such as stomach size reducing surgery.


During a liposculpture treatment, clinical photos will be taken to use as comparisons of before and after. Areas to be treated are marked, and an intramuscular injection will be given as a relaxant. Cannulas may be put into a vein, and then the area infused with tumescent local anaesthetic fluid to help with fat removal. 

When the area is numb, the cannula is used to disrupt the fat cell from its connective tissue and suction is used to take away the fat from the site of disruption, while the patient’s vital signs are monitored throughout the procedure. 

During the procedure, the patient will also be required to change position to improve access to the areas being treated. Once the procedure is complete, the treated area will be dressed with absorbent pads, and support garments will be put on. 

The patient will then be transferred to the recovery room, and after a short stay will go home with a relative or carer. Liposculpture treatments do not require a lengthy hospital stay, and you will experience minimal bleeding. No general anaesthetic is used, and the small punctures created during the procedure require no stitching. 

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