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Image of men grouped liposculpture procedures by Men Grouped Liposculpture Procedures Men ~ Grouped Procedures
Image of women grouped liposculpture procedures by Women Grouped Liposculpture Procedures Women Grouped Procedures
Image of women face liposculpture by Women Face Liposulpture Women - Face
Image of women calves and ankles liposculpture by Women – Calves + Ankles Liposulpture Women ~ Calves + Ankles
Image of women outer thigh and buttocks liposculpture by Women – Outer Thigh + Buttocks Liposculpture Women ~ Outer Thigh + Buttocks
Image of male abdomen liposculpture by Men Flanks (Love Handles) Liposculpture Men ~ Flanks
Image of men breast reduction in Sydney by Men – Breast Liposculpture Men ~ Breast
Image of men chin and neck liposculpture after by Men – Chin + NeckLiposculpture Men ~ Chin + Neck
Image of men abdomen liposculpture by Men Abdomen Liposculpture Men ~ Abdomen
Image of women abdomen liposculpture in Sydney by Women ~ Abdomen Liposculpture Women ~ Abdomen
Image of knees liposculpture in Sydney by Women ~ Knees Liposculpture Women - Knees
Be Sculptured Liposculpture Clinic Sydney Women ~ Thighs Women ~ Thighs
Be Sculptured Liposculpture Clinic Sydney Women ~ Arms Women ~ Arms
Image of women breast liposculpture by Women Breast Liposculpture Women ~ Breast
Be Sculptured Liposculpture Clinic Sydney Women ~ Chin + Neck Women ~ Chin + Neck

DISCLAIMER: All of the before and after images used on this page have not been manipulated or enhanced in any way. Before and after photographs shown on this website are of actual patients. These people represent realistic body sizes and shapes and are of patients of different ages with different skin qualities and characteristics. They are for illustrative purposes only. Individual results vary. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgery. There is no guarantee that other people will experience similar results to those shown.