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Weight-loss is no easy task. Most people undergo a series of dietary adjustments and try out various fitness regimes before they begin to see results. Even then, once most goals have been reached, some problem areas can remain.

Every person is beautifully unique, every body is shaped differently and as a result, everyone has a different ‘problem area’ that they wish would just go away. Some are obviously more common than others such as; ‘love handles’ (the abdomen and/or flank area) and ‘bingo wings’ (the upper-arm/tricep area). Some other areas that tend to cause concern and even a lack of confidence can be the neck, buttock, thigh and calf areas.

Regardless of which part of your body is the cause for concern, if you have worked hard at achieving your weight loss goals only to be left feeling unsatisfied, liposculpture could well be your solution. Even if you have been thinking of beginning a new fitness regime, but have been deterred by a problem area that has plagued you in the past, liposculpture should certainly be considered as an option to kick start your progress.

Liposculpture is an excellent solution for problem areas or localised areas of fat that will not respond to diet or exercise. A relatively minor removal of tissue can lead to a dramatic improvement in body shape and contour.

Just some of the benefits of liposculpture include;

    The use of local anesthetic as opposed to general anesthetic gives patients the ability to stand up and allow the effect of gravity to be seen on the areas treated. This makes it easier to achieve regular, even results.
    Bruising is limited by the inclusion of adrenaline (which constricts blood vessels) in a pre-operative injection. Comfort is also increased using local anesthetic (lignocaine), the effects of which can be felt for up to 12 hours after the liposculpture procedure has taken place (sometimes longer).
    Liposculpture is a day surgery. There is no need for overnight hospital stays, blood transfusions or intravenous fluids. The procedure itself only takes half a day.
    Patients are encouraged to remain active following the procedure, walking on the same day or soon after. Patients often return to work after a few days.

Liposculpture is fast, effective and results can be seen immediately, which in the world of weight loss, is rare.

If you have localised areas of fat that you need help shifting, contact Be Sculptured at Crow’s Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic, today!

*Individual results vary

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