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It is rare to come across a person who is 100% happy with their appearance. Some don’t like their stomach, others aren’t fond of their breasts, some people hate their chin and for others, the area of concern is their back. It’s an area not often talked about it, as we don’t generally see it all that much, but for those who have excess fat on their back that they just can’t shift with diet or exercise, they’d give anything to get rid of it. The great news is that there is an answer – and it’s quite an affordable one.

Back liposculpture is an excellent solution for people who have tried the gym and attempted a better diet but just can’t seem to shift the fatty tissue that sits on their back.  Many people ask, ‘why back liposculpture over back liposuction?’ Here’s why…
Back liposculpture offers;

  • A safe procedure with no general anaesthetic required
  • Minimal bleeding and bruising
  • Short recovery time
  • No stitches
  • No hospital stay
  • Pleasing and often more accurate results as a result of the patient being able to stand toward the end of the procedure for final adjustments
  • A more affordable price tag than liposuction

The back is an area that many are attracted to and this procedure gives patients the look they have been trying to achieve with minimal down time. Of course, before undertaking the procedure (as with any procedure) you need to be sure that it’s the right method for you. Important things that should be considered before booking in your back liposculpture are the possibility of excess skin remaining once fatty tissue has been removed (you may well require another procedure to assist with this), an imbalanced ‘look’ if no other area of your body is being liposculptured, cost and most importantly, that the surgeon performing the procedure is fully accredited, trustworthy and experienced.

Dr. Meaghan Heckenberg has a fellowship from The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, is a full member of The Cosmetic Physician’s Society of Australasia and has been performing liposuction procedures for Be Sculptured at Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic since 2008. She has had liposculpture herself and understands all aspects of a patient’s experience – from preparation and the procedure itself, right through to recovery.

To book a consultation to discuss your own back liposculpture procedure, stomach/abdomen, breast, thigh, flank, calf or facial liposculpture, contact Be Sculptured at Crow’s Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic, today!


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