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I know only too well that sometimes no matter how much you diet and how much you exercise there are certain areas on our bodies that just will not shed fat.

For me it’s my belly, I’ve never had a slim tummy even when I was at my slimmest (10kg less than I am now) I still had a thick layer of fat over my waistline. I have long limbs which I can easily slim down with the right diet and the right exercise routine, but my belly just will not change. I take after my dad, I have a straight up and down waist line just like him, not curvy at all, and I’ve never witnessed even a remote sign of an abdominal muscle existing underneath.

Needless to say the situation got worse after having two kids. I’ve tried non surgical fat freezing and fat melting treatments, both of which gave me a slight change but nothing very significant especially when you consider the cost.

This got me perusing the net, looking at options that actually work and could give me the waistline I’ve always dreamed of, without undergoing major surgery.

I found an online community that had loads of forums dedicated to Liposculpture. I was surprised to find out that Liposculpture is the world’s #1 most popular cosmetic procedure.

Yet, unlike breast augmentation, Liposculpture isn’t talked about as much.

Liposculpture is a gentler, more refined version of liposuction. It’s an immensely popular procedure because of it’s ability to remove stubborn bulges of fat with minimal pain, rapid recovery and low complication rates. The fat is removed permanently, it cannot come back.

I started reading liposculpture testimonials and looking at as many before and afters as I could find, and in almost every case the results were excellent. It’s a fantastic option for people like me, those not looking to loose weight as such, but wanting a more shapely waist, arms, hips or thighs.

With liposculpture the complication rates are low, it’s done while you are awake without the use of a general anaesthetic, and fat is removed permanently through tiny cannula incisions on the area being treated, so scarring is also very minimal and barely visible. Another big draw card is that you pretty much go straight back to normal activity, as downtime is only a couple of days.

In every testimonial I read, patients said that liposculpture had made them feel more confident, look more youthful, and that their new body shape made it easier to find clothing that suited them. For many mums it’s helped them get back into clothes they wore before having babies, and gain back the body confidence they had lost.

In Australia liposculpture is very popular, with some clinics performing hundreds of treatments per week.

Dr Meaghan Heckenberg is one of Sydney most popular liposculpture surgeons, and because of her great reputation I looked to her for more info on the procedure. When asked about why Liposculpture is so popular she said “ Liposculpture isn’t a weight loss tool, but a body sculpting tool. There is no substitute to maintaining a good diet and regular exercise program but liposculpture can remove those bulges of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise and improve the body proportions considerably. “

Above: A 41 year old patient of Dr Meaghan’s before & 3 months after liposculpture to abdomen, hips and waist.

In recent years non surgical fat removal methods like CoolSculpting and Sculpsure have come onto the market, and were initially very popular. However the cost of both CoolSculpting and Sculpsure is relatively high and success rates are fairly low, leaving patients still unhappy and often opting for liposculpture eventually anyway.

As I said, I’d tried both CoolSculpting and Sculpsure, yet here I was still looking for a way to treat my flabby belly.

Dr Heckenberg said “More often than not, I see patients who have tried these devices before they revert to liposculpture. It’s often a false economy because they have tried these expensive devices first but the outcome has not been as they would have hoped for. Ultimately, they come and see me to have effective body sculpting with liposculpture, where they should have had liposculpture in the first place and saved themselves the money. “

Dr Heckenberg said “ Non-surgical fat reducing devices do NOT provide the same results as liposculpture. There is no substitute to a dedicated liposculpture surgeon using micro cannulas.

A person is 3 dimensional and requires different depths of fat removal for different areas to establish a shape change. Reducing fat in one area may leave indentations with these devices as they are unable to blend effectively into surrounding areas.”

Above: A 25 year old patient of Dr Meaghan’s before &  after arm liposculpture.

Another reason why Liposculpture is so popular is the minimal pain, minimal bruising, and quick recovery time, most people are back at their normal activities within a few days.

The ideal candidate for liposculpture is not overweight, it’s best for people who are healthy weight that have stubborn areas of fat that exercise and diet won’t budge.

Liposculpture patients vary in sex, age and life situation. Some are extremely fit and want extra muscle definition, some just want a flatter stomach or slimmer thighs, and often patients are mum’s who want help getting their body back into pre-baby shape.

This week has been the 6th week since my Liposculpture treatment to my abdomen and waist with Dr Meaghan. It takes a good 4 weeks to start to see the final results, but now when I look down I feel like I’m looking at another woman’s belly! It turns out I do have abdominal muscles after all…

The pain associated with Liposculpture during and after the procedure is never overwhelming, it’s completely bearable and is more of a niggle than sharp pains or aching. During the treatment I felt the occasional ‘zing’ of a nervy pain but other than that nothing.

After the treatment when resting you can’t feel any pain at all, discomfort is only felt when you move around. The slight niggling, nervy sensations do stick around for about a month, gradually lessening over time. And you do also need to find loose fitting clothing for the first few weeks.

The pain didn’t stop me from doing anything, the next day after the treatment I took the kids to school, I cooked dinner, and even did a light vacuum of the house. You do get tired and a little achey after moving around for a while, but overall the pain and downtime are nothing compared to the life changing results.

Above: A 37 year old patient of Dr Meaghan’s before & 3 months after liposculpture.

Post treatment you need to wear a compression garment ( a gorgeous looking crotchless unitard ) for 2 weeks which can be tricky to cover with clothing.

My results are still revealing themselves and will continue to improve day by day over the next couple of months as the incisions disappear and the swelling subsides completely. But already my body has a whole new shape. My waist line is more contoured ( I actually have a waist now!), and I just arrived back from Bali where I confidently wore a bikini for the first time in years. I honestly feel great!

My liposculpture experience has been amazing. Every step of the way Dr Meaghan has been helpful and supportive.

I haven’t had a chance to get a good before and after of myself yet, but stay tuned in the next couple of weeks I will.

Above: A 32 year old patient of Dr Meaghan’s before & after liposculpture to thighs and hips.

Liposculpture comes with a substantially lower fee than conventional liposuction because there is no need for hospital and anaesthetists fees.

On average liposculpture costs $6000-$12000

Dr Meaghan Heckenberg is located at Be Sculptured, Crows Nest

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