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Summer and the elusive ‘beach body’
When Summer inevitably comes around each year, so comes the marketing and hype surrounding the beach body. Gyms, Pilates studios, yoga teachers and the like will generally have some sort of promotion running in the lead up to summer to help clients ‘get beach ready.’ In all honesty, many of these programs work. They are a great motivator to help people get fit and healthy, but they also beg the question, ‘why can’t we have our optimum body all-year-round?’

Liposculpture and your Year-Round Beach Body
If we can want and even have our ideal bodies in the summer time, why would we not want that all year ‘round? It’s safe to say that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t want to look and feel their best in winter as much as they did in summer. As we all know though, the cold weather factor plays a big part in exercising – or not exercising.

While the cold weather might detract weight loss aspirers to stay indoors and away from exercise, it does not hinder, in any way, the possibilities and benefits of liposculpture.

An elegant solution to removing localised areas of fat not responsive to diet or exercise, liposculpture could just be the answer to all your excess fat issues. Unlike the more commonly known liposuction no general anaesthetic is required, the procedure usually involves minimal bruising and bleeding, recovery time is short and no hospital stays or stitches are required.

Any area of the body can be treated with this technique. The technique itself involves suction being applied to via small tubes or cannulae (2-3mm in diameter) while they are gently moved through the tissues. The unwanted fat is removed/suctioned in a progressive fashion until all excess fatty deposits being targeted are removed, helping to achieve desirable results no matter the time of year.

So, if diet and exercise haven’t managed to get rid of all your excess fatty areas, or if the winter blues are keeping you indoors, perhaps you should consider the benefits of liposculpture.

To find out more about how liposculpture can help you achieve your ideal body shape all year round, see Dr Meaghan Heckenberg and her team.

Experts in stomach liposculpture, breast liposculpture, thigh liposculpture; they offer services for male liposculpture, facial liposculpture, flank and calf liposculpture and more.

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*Individual results vary

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