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She is Sydney’s queen of body sculpting, and I can speak from experience when I say that Dr Meaghan Heckenberg’s liposculpture treatments can change your life!

My recent article about my liposculpture procedure had the highest web traffic for the month, and so it seems you guys want to know more! Which I guess should be no surprise considering the ever increasing popularity of Liposculpture in Australia.

After my procedure with Dr Meaghan I feel like a new woman, when I look down at my flat tummy and contoured waist I feel like I’ve stolen another woman’s torso! This Summer was the first time in a LONG time I’ve worn a bikini instead of a one piece.

Because my experience with Dr Meaghan was so positive many of you had questions of your own, so I got together with her to get them answered.


Above: Dr Meaghan Heckenberg

What age group is suitable for liposculpture?

Liposculpture patients vary in sex, age and life situation. Some are extremely fit and want extra muscle definition, some just want a flatter stomach or slimmer thighs, and often patients are mum’s who want help getting their body back into pre-baby shape. Dr Meaghan treats people of all ages from their 20’s right up to their 70’s.

How long would I have to take off work?

Bonnie: I would say 2 days off work completely and nothing too strenuous for the next few days after that. Saying that, I did a segment for Channel9 the very next day after my treatment and I was completely fine, I just had to take it easy.

The compression garment you need to wear for 2 weeks after the procedure can be hard to cover, so you need to put some thought into outfits before hand.

Is it painful?

Bonnie: The procedure is not painful at all. Afterwards it is sore if you move around, but when you sit still you can’t feel anything at all. You continue to feel tight for a few weeks afterwards, and you get nervy zaps every now and then. But I wouldn’t say it’s overly painful at any point.

How long after having a baby can you have liposculpture?

Dr Meaghan: Probably best to wait 6 months after having a baby (if not breastfeeding) to allow the hormones to go back to normal before having liposculpture. That way, any pregnancy – related weight gain is not an issue.

Can the fat come back?

Absolutely not! Results are permanent. Your fat cells are produced during your childhood and your teens and then production of fat cells ceases, so you have a certain number of fat cells for life. If you put on, or loose weight, your fat cells expand and contract, but no more fat cells are produced. So when fat cells are removed through Liposculpture they cannot and will not grow back.

Above: My before and after. Liposculpture to abdomen, hips and waist.

Can you do the whole body at once?

Dr Meaghan: The whole body cannot and should not be treated at the same time. The reason behind this is that the body fluid balance can be altered adversely if too much fat (fluid) is removed. Also there is only so much of the local anaesthetic (numbing) drug called lignocaine that may be given with each procedure. It is very safe if given in the correct dosage. If the maximum dose is exceeded it can be toxic to the heart.

What is liposculpture exactly?

Liposculpture is a gentler, more refined version of liposuction. It’s an immensely popular procedure because of it’s ability to remove stubborn bulges of fat with minimal pain, rapid recovery and low complication rates. The fat is removed permanently, it cannot come back.

Dr Meaghan: Liposculpture isn’t a weight loss tool, but a body sculpting tool. There is no substitute to maintaining a good diet and regular exercise program but liposculpture can remove those bulges of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise and improve the body proportions considerably

Above: one of Dr Meaghan’s liposculpture patients.

Can the fat be reused in other areas of the body?

Dr Meaghan: Fat transfer can be done. It is especially good in the face. However 2-4 fat transfers may be required to get the optimal results often separated by 6-8 weeks. Fat is a living cell and needs a blood supply to survive. If the fat is taken from one area (stripped away from it’s blood supply) and then reinjected into another area, it may not always survive. One cannot predict how much of the fat will survive as it depends on whether new blood vessels grow into the transplanted fat. If a new blood supply is established then it should be a permanent result.

Can you remove fat around the knees?

Dr Meaghan: Definitely the knees may be treated. It is a common area that I treat and makes a big difference to the shape of the leg.

Above: one of Dr Meaghan’s liposculpture patients.

Can you remove a double chin?

Dr Meaghan: A double chin can also be treated with liposculpture, it is another common area which I treat regularly. If a person has good skin tone and not too much loose redundant skin, it can be a very rejuvenating procedure. It can give a much sharper jawline and takes “years off”. Plus it can be quite a “slimming” procedure by removing fat from this area as others may comment that you look thinner without knowing what you’ve had done. It is not a face lift, as excess skin is not removed, but not everyone needs a face lift. Sometimes just fat needs to be removed and this can be done from age 18 upwards. I have even treated 70 year olds and once the fat is removed, the skin retracts nicely to reveal a new jawline.

How much does lipsculpture cost?

Liposculpture comes with a substantially lower fee than conventional liposuction because there is no need for hospital and anaesthetists fees. On average liposculpture costs $6000-$12000

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