The area of the body between the chest and the pelvis is notorious for carrying extra weight and stubborn deposits of fat which are very difficult to reduce with diet and exercise alone. This includes the flank or “love handles”. While very large deposits of fat may be suited to initially having liposuction, liposculpture is ideal to remove even small fat deposits and to reshape the body to achieve an appealing, more comfortable, streamlined aesthetic.

Men tend to develop stubborn fatty deposits in the flank area, which is commonly known as “love handles”. It refers to the unsightly bulge that sits at the sides of the torso just above the belt-line. It is almost impossible to reduce this fatty area with diet and exercise. Even very slender men will often experience this issue. Liposculpture is the ideal solution for “love handles”, whether large and small – it vastly reduces these unflattering bulges at the sides of the body and, when combined with abdominal liposculpture, a very dramatic, masculine result can be achieved.

Dr Meaghan Heckenberg is an expert cosmetic surgeon specialising in tumescent liposculpture. She performs liposculpture of the “love handles” in men, as a day-only procedure at Be Sculptured in Crows Nest. Call today for a consultation to take the first step to a reshaped body and a boost to your self-confidence.


Any man with accumulations of fat at or just above the level of the belt can benefit from this procedure. If you can pinch a roll of fat between your fingers here or see a bulge at this level in the mirror, liposculpture will help get rid of this area.

Yes, the reduction in the size of the lovehandles is permanent as most of the fat cells have been removed.

There are usually 3-4 small 2-5mm wide access holes per area treated. These are not sutured after the procedure and essentially are invisible after a couple of weeks.

Many if not most men will elect to have the abdomen treated at the same time. This makes sense as the love handles usually continue into the abdomen and treatment of the whole of the spare tyre will give the best results. Breast reduction is also sometimes helpful and can be sometimes treated at the same time or more commonly separately.

A special lycra bodysuit compressive chest garment is used for about two weeks after the procedure.

Most procedures involving the love handles take from between 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

In general you should plan on taking 1-2 days off work. It would be about 3 weeks before normal gym activities or jogging should be restarted.

The cost of this procedure varies according to the areas that require treatment and whether the area is treated alone or in conjunction with other areas, such as jowl and facial liposculpture (this is most common). For an accurate costing, please use the online consultation or make an appointment by phoning (02) 9906 1555.


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