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Here’s a tip for you.

Having a baby (or a handful) does not improve your figure. It’s a shame but there it is. Growing up doesn’t either. So if you combine both (hello – me) you might happen to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror one day and not be wildly enthused with what you see there. Also me.

I’m an avid exerciser. I’ve been a keen runner for at least 20 odd years so I’ve never been what you might call overweight.

But six months or so ago, I noticed my body had changed and in ways I wasn’t too keen on.

I had a wee pot belly that I had never had before. I was on heading towards saddle bags – you know, those bulgy areas on the outer hips. And I had gained fat on my bottom and thighs. It probably goes without saying but I’l say it anyway – none of these things were pretty.

About the same time of my mirror moment, I caught up with a girlfriend of mine for coffee, loud laughter and general chat about life. She’s a similar age to me, also a mum and I knew she’d understand and for a couple of reasons.

Kelly exercising as much as always, but not seeing the results she wanted / Image: Instagram / @kellybakermedia

One, she’s a funny, generous, big-hearted soul.

Two – she also happens to be one of the country’s most experienced and sought-after liposculpture surgeons.

So you can pretty much guess what happened next.

I managed to get an appointment with her within a few weeks. Sure, she’s a friend but this is Dr Meaghan Heckenberg we’re talking about here. The woman is busy. But back to me.

When I entered her office Dr Heckenberg had me strip down to my underwear (mortifying) and checked me out all over (extremely mortifying). She did a bit of a pinch test. I kind of died inside, but pretended I didn’t care a jot.

She instantly understood what my ‘problem areas’ were and also explained that I was indeed the perfect candidate for liposculture – and not just because we’re friends and she wants to hang out all day.

I was suited because I wasn’t overweight but had a couple of areas where fat had accumulated over the years. Remove those pockets of fat and hey presto – killer body, said  thoughtfully.

Kelly and Dr Meaghan Heckenberg pre-procedure. Image: Instagram / @kellybakermedia

I booked in. Immediately.

Just by way of background, liposculpture is a more refined and elegant way of removing fat.

It’s sort of an updated, new and improved version of liposuction.

Unlike liposuction there is no general anaesthetic required. The fat is removed via tiny puncture points that are so small they don’t require stitches.

This means you recover more quickly, that there is minimal pain and bruising and also, a more flattering contour can be achieved because there’s not a strict time limit as there is with a general anaesthetic.

I knew all of this of course but was still seriously anxious when the day of my surgery rolled around.

I let Dr Heckenberg know and she gave me a sedative. I calmed down a bit. I think I talked A LOT. To be honest, I don’t really remember.

I do remember there was a lot of needles. And they stung.

But these needles were necessary as they contained a fluid that was packed with a local anaesthetic so I wouldn’t feel the actual procedure or suffer during the 12 to 24 hours afterwards.

Kelly getting in a quick pre-sedation selfie / Image: Instagram / @kellybakermedia

That same fluid also contained a medication that constricted blood vessels. That works to significantly decrease any bruising post procedure.

Anyway, they hurt. And I complained a bit. But Dr Heckenberg played cool music while she worked and she chatted with her nurse and before I knew it I had drifted off.

Yes. I slept through the entire thing – waking only very occasionally when Dr Heckenberg needed me to turn over or move a little so she could get at those hard to reach bits.

I was there from 7.30am till 5pm. The procedure took up virtually all of that time. Why? Because Dr Heckenberg is a perfectionist. She works slowly and with precision and heck, that takes time.

I went home that afternoon wearing two Lycra suits stuffed with padding to absorb the fluid that was now leaking out of my body.

It was gross, but again, I was floating on a heady mix of sedative and anaesthetic and relief it was all over so I didn’t worry too much.

Kelly showing off her bangin’ new bod /Image: Instagram / @kellybakermedia

I knocked back a few pain-killers, nothing major, just your regular over the counter type of stuff, for the first few hours and then I felt fine.

Both of my Lycra suits were with me for five days. On the sixth day I was allowed to remove one. Hurrah! After a few more days I removed that one too. Underneath my newly svelte body was battered and bruised and a little swollen too.

I had a few dodgy moments during the next week or two.

One day I filming a live TV recording and I could feel ooze soaking through my clothes into the studio chair. Sorry about that people I work with.

Other than that though I was perfectly fine. Even better, the results have been remarkable.

Is my figure now utterly perfect? No. I still have cellulite – no liposculpture procedure will remove that – but my shape is long and lean and vastly improved.

Somehow my figure appears more youthful too. I guess those saddlebags really do age you.

When Dr Heckenberg showed me my before and after shots I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had a completely new body and it was an amazing one.

I’m now wearing some fitted dresses and slim pants that I’ve not worn in years.

I have been told recently that I look amazing and also, that I have an incredible figure. And you know what, I kind of do. Now. Thanks to Dr Heckenberg and her handy liposculpture technique.

Things To Know …

Liposculpture is designed to remove pockets of fat and to contour the body.

It involves local anaesthetic only so you can hop off the table and go home the day of the procedure. This makes it more safe and also, considerably less expensive than traditional liposuction.

It is suitable for people of any age.

It doesn’t leave scars per se, but there may be tiny nick marks.

Nobody will ever know – unless they know what to look for.

It’s not cheap with the average treatment coming in at roughly $10,000. Still, if you calculate how much you’ve spent on gym memberships and fad diets over the years it starts to look like a deal.

Learn more about Dr Meaghan Heckenberg and liposculpture here.

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