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Becoming a mother is the most precious gift. It changes our world for the better, shifts  our perspectives and opens our hearts to a kind of love we never knew existed. If you’ve given birth, you’ll know that all this is true. The magic of motherhood is not without its difficulties of course, there’s the sleepless nights, the endless nappies, the constant worry and the eternal ‘mummy-guilt’, but it’s all so very worth it!

Likewise, what we have seen our bodies achieve is nothing short of miraculous. We have grown our own little human, kept them safe inside our wombs for 40 weeks, our insides have moved around, jolted and shifted just as all the pregnancy books said they would and then we go through the intensely physical and emotional experience that is childbirth.

A big task, to say the least.

Whether every woman chooses to bear children or not, a woman’s anatomy is, indeed, well-equipped for all facets of motherhood. This does not mean it will be easy, nor does it mean that our bodies will naturally recover to their former glory quickly – or even at all.

For some mothers, this is more than fine. For others, quick renewals of gym memberships and exercise regimes are essential. Some women bounce back at an incredible rate. Every woman is different though, as we know, and many of us have gotten to the point where no amount of exercise will shift that ‘mummy-shelf.’

If you’ve tried exercise and diet, but found there are areas of your body that you simply can’t get back to what they used to be, Be Sculptured can help.

Liposculpture is an elegant solution for removing localised areas of fat not responsive to diet or exercise. A dramatic enhancement in body shape and contour can be achieved with moderate tissue removal with tiny incisions.

The Be Scupltured team understand that, after childbirth, undesirable accumulations of fat can make it hard for mothers to fit into clothes and that a post baby body, unacceptable to the woman in question, can have a detrimental effect on her confidence.

Liposculpture is an excellent post baby solution, as it allows the upper and lower sections of the abdomen to be treated at the same time, which can drastically reduce bulging of the midriff area when sitting. It is also possible to reduce overhangs of skin without the need for a tummy tuck, avoiding unsightly scars. Furthermore, liposculpture of the abdomen can also often be combined with hip liposculpture and waist liposculpture, offering a more complete rejuvenation.

To find out more about liposculpture or to talk to someone about restoring your body to its former pre-baby glory, see Dr Meaghan Heckenberg and her team!
They are experts in stomach liposculpture, breast liposculpture, thigh liposculpture, they offer services for male liposculpture, facial liposculpture, flank and calf liposculpture and more.

To book your consultation contact Be Sculptured at Crow’s Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic, today!

*Individual results vary

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