a man sufferring from Gynaecomastia in Sydney

Are you wondering about Gynaecomastia in Sydney and what can be done about it? Perhaps you are troubled with that very same condition and that’s what brought you to this page in the first place? In any case, the excessive enlargement of a man’s breast can land a significant blow to a man’s appearance and self-confidence. Fortunately Gynaecomastia is no longer a problem that men would simply have to live with thanks to advancements in surgical breast reduction.

Breast reduction for men?

Now you might be thinking; isn’t it strange for a man to undergo breast surgery? Well not at all, and as a matter of fact most experts agree that it’s the perfect solution for treating so called “man boobs”. How exactly is this so?

Gynaecomastia can generally be attributed to hormonal imbalance in a man’s body. Such imbalance can be so significant that no amount of diet or exercise will ever alleviate the problem. The condition can also be caused by a number of medications (anti-depressants, steroids, etc) and cases of drug abuse. The quickest and most effective way to treat the problem is surgically – getting rid of the excess breast tissues and toning the chest to a more masculine and desirable form.

Of course as a surgical procedure, its important for men to know just what to expect and thoroughly delve into their options for surgically treating Gynaecomastia in Sydney. What’s the best way to go about it?

Options for surgically treating Gynaecomastia in Sydney

Indeed there are a number of ways that men can go about treating Gynaecomastia surgically; some methods are certainly better than others and if you’re looking for something quick, effective and extremely easy to bounce back from, we recommend male breast liposculpture!

Unlike regular liposuction, liposculpture requires only local anaesthetics which means that you’d be able to witness the transformation yourself and point out any revisions as necessary. The techniques are also a lot more precise; this surgical breast reduction for men requires only minute incisions which means there is hardly any damage to the body itself. The patient can stand, walk around and go about their day – how convenient is that? You can return to work the very next day although you might want to wait at least 3 weeks before hitting the gym or doing any strenuous exercises.

Ready to get started? Why not arrange a consultation with one of the top liposculpture experts in the country? Call Dr. Meaghan Heckenberg today on (02) 9906 1555 and get all the help you need to conquer Gynaecomastia in Sydney!

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