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Interested in a tummy liposuction?

Tummy liposuction in Sydney is a cosmetic surgical procedure sought after by a lot of people and for good reasons. A bulging tummy is hardly ever complimentary and not only does it look unpleasant but its also gets in the way of a lot things – keeping an active lifestyle, wardrobe options and your health in general. If you’ve long long struggled with such a problem area then perhaps its time for you to actually do something about it. Tummy liposuction a quick and effective way of doing just that!

Of course you can always try keeping a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you can get rid of the bulge through natural weight loss then all the better. However, it just isn’t that simple for most people; abdominal fat can be a very difficult problem area to deal with and many find that no matter how hard they exercise and cut their calorie intake, the bulge on their tummy still persists. If that sounds a lot like you then you can consider a surgical and more straightforward solution through so called suction lipoplasty.

An even better alternative to tummy liposuction in Sydney

Indeed tummy liposuction in Sydney can be your answer to the problem revolving around excess abdominal fat. You can expect good results in a short period of time and may yet kick start your weight loss goals to achieve and maintain your ideal figure.

Of course tummy liposuction is not without its share of downsides. As a fairly invasive surgical procedure designed to remove significant volumes of fat, you can certainly expect a great deal of pain and discomfort not to mention the risks. Liposuction can also take you a long time to recover from and involves the use of general anaesthetics which means even more downtime. If these are of great concern to you then you might want to consider a more advanced form of liposuction known as “liposculpture”.

Liposculpture is basically body sculpting liposuction and its worlds better than regular liposuction. Liposculpture for women in particular can yield far better results simply because the latter is is not only concerned about removing fat but rather sculpting the body into a more attractive and desirable figure.

Significant advantages of liposculpture includes:

  • Quicker recovery times – liposculpture only requires the use of local anaesthetics and target specific problem areas of the body. Smaller and more precise incisions are made such that there’ hardly any damage to the body. Patients are even well enough to stand and drive themselves home following the procedure which is certainly not the case for conventional liposuction
  • Utmost safety – minimal bruising and bleeding; no stitches and puncture wounds which means there’s hardly any risk of infection
  • Better results – liposculpture patients are conscious the whole time and will have the opportunity to point out additional changes to the problem area until one is fully satisfied with the results
  • Significantly lower cost – the absence of general anaesthetics, stitches and extended hospital stays means that you can expect liposculpture to cost a lot less than regular liposuction

Looking to get started? Arrange a consultation with some of the finest liposculpture experts in the country! Call Dr. Meaghan Heckenberg today on (02) 9906 1555 and bid your problems with abdominal fat goodbye with a cosmetic surgical solution that is even better than conventional tummy liposuction in Sydney!

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