What is liposculpture like

An account of the procedure

After arriving at the clinic at your requested time, the receptionist will collect your consent form (given to you to read at the time of your initial consultation). The receptionist will ask you some questions about your pre-operative instructions and arrangements for transport home. We will then ask you to empty your bladder.

After this, you will be taken to the change room, where the nurse will ask you to take off all your clothes and she will give you disposable underwear to wear plus a disposable gown to wear on top of your underwear. Once you arrive into the procedure room, the nurse will take your blood pressure, pulse rate, height, weight and temperature.

Dr Meaghan Heckenberg will ask you to take some more photos before she makes the markings on your body, necessary for the procedure. A purple texta is used to make the markings and this stays on for about a week after the procedure.

More photos are taken once the markings are made plus you will have the opportunity to view the markings in the mirror so you are satisfied you are getting the areas treated that were agreed upon during your initial consultation. You will have the opportunity to ask any other questions you may have.

You will then have the robe removed and you will lie down upon the heated bed and a sterile sheet will be placed over you. After this, Meaghan will give you a sedative injection into the muscle of your arm to relax you and make you feel a bit sleepy.

Using the smallest needle available, Meaghan will anaethetise the skin with some local anesthesia, at the sites through which the cannulas will be inserted to infiltrate the targeted subcutaneous fat with local anesthetic solution. Patients usually experience a slight pricking sensation as the skin becomes “numb”. A large volume of dilute tumescent anaesthetic solution is carefully and gently injected into the targeted fat. Once an area has been well infiltrated with the anaesthetic solution, the fat is usually completely numb. The infiltration of the local anaesthetic is a slow careful process that can take quite a long time. The whole procedure can take quite a few hours, depending on the number of different areas treated.

Liposculpture is accomplished through tiny holes in the skin called adits. These adits are about 0.5cm in length and heal without the need for stitiches. After surgery they remain open for a couple of days and facilitate post-operative drainage of residual blood-tinged anesthetic solution. Adrenaline is added to the anaesthetic solution that allows significant constriction of the blood vessels. Blood loss during the procedure is extremely minimal.

At the end of the procedure, Meaghan will ask you to stand up and examine the area she has treated. That way, she can determine if more liposculpture may be required in certain areas, plus she can get an overall look to establish symmetry. You will be leaking a lot of the anaesthetic fluid through the adits but super absorbent pads will be positioned over the adits. You will have two commercially made support garments put on you at the end of the procedure and the pads are placed in between the two garments to absorb the leaking fluid. These garments are crotchless so you may go to the toilet, without the need of taking the garments off. It is important you do not take the garments off until the next day. Then they may be washed, dried and put back on.

After the procedure has been completed and you are dressed in the garments, you are transferred to recovery, where refreshments are provided and you will have an opportunity to have a nap. Some patients may have a bit of soreness at this stage but residual local anaesthesia is still working and it is several hours before any significant soreness begins. Tumescent technique minimises post operative discomfort anyway. Because the residual local anaesthesia lasts for over 18-24 hours, paracetamol (Panadol) is usually sufficient to treat post-operative discomfort. Post-operative nausea and vomiting may occur and this is usually the result of the sedative injections during the procedure.

You are not permitted to drive yourself home after liposculpture and a responsible adult must accompany you home. You will be given extra pads plus a plastic sheet to protect your bed from any possible movement of pads and ultimate leakage during the night.

After Hours Contact

For assistance after hours, contact Dr Meaghan Heckenberg on 0412 394 502