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Are you missing your vacations? Silly question – of course you are!

All of us have had a really difficult year – worrying about the pandemic, dealing with lockdowns, changed working practices, and missing out on all the things we previously took for granted, like travel to desirable destinations (especially interstate and overseas!).

In this ongoing post-COVID lockdown period, people are spending their money differently – and it’s all about finding ways to make ourselves feel good. This includes spending on big-ticket items – home improvement projects, renovations, musical instruments, entertainment systems, new computers, new cars, and even investing in our bodies.

Yes! When you look good, you feel good, and your mental health and sense of emotional wellbeing improve. When you feel good, you look better – you are more radiant, your smile is brighter, and your confidence shines. So it’s no surprise that, right now, the cosmetic surgery industry is booming!

Cosmetic Surgery is Booming!

We may have continuing restrictions on where we can go and what we can do, but more people are taking this opportunity to now invest in their own bodies. With time spent working remotely and predominantly seeing others outside your households via video calls (and seeing ourselves constantly on video calls!), there is no better time to explore having those tweaks you’ve always wanted so that you have the body you love when the pandemic is over. Having the right cosmetic procedure for you is a great way to feel good and spend the money which you’d have otherwise spent in 2020 on travel, entertainment, and more – if COVID had not happened.

In fact, cosmetic surgeons across the world are reporting a surge in bookings for an array of procedures – especially in Australia, the UK, the USA, South Korea and Japan. From injectables (like Botox and dermal fillers) and skin resurfacing treatments to facelifts, breast augmentation, jawline contouring, butt-lifts, and even hair transplants, men and women worldwide are seeking virtual consultations for cosmetic surgery to spend their money and feel better about themselves.

Some of these cosmetic surgery procedures can be quite extreme – and major surgery with long recovery is required for many of them. But with tumescent liposculpture performed under local anaesthetic, for example, a minimally invasive procedure can pack a big punch in terms of results – at a lower cost than liposuction under general anaesthetic, safer patient procedure, and with a simpler and faster recovery period.

Why Invest in Yourself Now?

Small, subtle changes can have the biggest impact – and liposculpture is the most effective, quickest, and minimally-invasive way to reshape and reveal your very best body. It is also relatively very affordable – with liposculpture cost being very reasonable, especially considering the results it delivers!

Unlike major cosmetic surgery procedures which announce themselves to all who see you, tweaks with liposculpture can give you a huge boost without the obvious “oh, what have you had done?” conversation. Instead, liposculpture to whatever area you wish to sculpt and improve will deliver a great result and others will only know that you look amazing – but they won’t know exactly why. Have you lost weight? Have you been training? Have you fallen in love? Why do you look so much younger, happier, and healthier?

Only you will know!

From streamlining your neck and jawline to revealing your pecs and abs to eliminating your back fat or muffin top;  shaping your waist, hips, thighs, knees, and even saying goodbye to your “cankles” – liposculpture at Be Sculptured is the key to achieving the body and confidence you deserve.

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Be Sculptured is run by Dr Meaghan Heckenberg at the Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic. Meaghan is an experienced Australian doctor and leading liposculpture expert. She has the unmatched medical skill and artistic talent to deliver the beautiful aesthetic results for men and women of all ages using the most advanced tumescent liposculpture techniques. This cosmetic procedure has a fast recovery period and requires no hospital stay.

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