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Dr Meaghan Heckenberg

Liposculpture Surgeon

Dr Meaghan Heckenberg has been performing liposuction procedures for The Alia Clinic Sydney and Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic since 2008. Her specialty is tumescent liposculpture performed under local anaesthetic and she has performed many hundreds of procedures. “Be Sculptured” was born from her desire to concentrate on one cosmetic procedure, that being liposculpture. Meaghan has a fellowship from The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and is a full member of The Cosmetic Physician’s Society of Australasia.

She particularly enjoys sculpting the body to improve one’s shape and size and has made liposculpture her primary procedure in cosmetic surgery. She believes that the highest level of surgical skill is achieved by performing the same procedure often. Meaghan understands the desire to improve one’s shape and has had liposculpture procedures herself (inner thighs, outer thighs, knees) with most satisfying results. Training harder or losing more weight never reduced the fat in these areas. It only made her look gaunt around the face, neck and chest. Liposculpture improved her shape substantially. It made her feel more confident plus working out became more pleasurable too, knowing that her desired shape was achieved. Improvements thereafter came from increased muscle tone achieved by exercise and training.

From that moment, she had a desire to learn the art of liposculpture, so she could help others achieve their goals. She has had the fortunate opportunity to train with some of the best liposculpture surgeons in Australia and USA, some of whom have retired, but they have passed on their knowledge and skills to her.

Meaghan is also a liposculpture trainer for The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS). She now teaches other doctors how to do the procedures. She is also a council member of the ACCS, ensuring members of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery will practise with integrity and honour, in the best interests of the patient, for their safety and quality of care, as their highest concerns and in a manner that upholds the dignity of the medical profession.

Liposculpture can essentially be performed on most areas of the body, including female breasts as an less invasive alternative to the more conventional breast reduction surgery, plus male breasts / chest for gynaecomastia. Other areas are neck, face, chin, arms, waist, abdomen (“tummy”), hips (“muffin top” or “love handles”), upper back (“bra area” or “back fat”), lower back, pubic area, buttocks, outer thighs, inner thighs, anterior thighs, back of thighs, knees, calves and ankles. All liposculpture procedures are performed at our surgicentre at Crows Nest and are day-only procedures.

Meaghan graduated with a MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from The University of NSW in February 1992. Since graduating from university, she has always been interested in surgery, particularly grouping her women’s health/ general practice experience and small gynaecological procedures together, before studying the art of liposculpture. Before that she attended Sydney Girls High School from 1979-1984. She was born in Sydney and has lived here most of her life.

Tour of the clinic

The Be Scultured Liposculpture procedure room at Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic. The Heated bed is provided for patient comfort.

Attending Dr Klein’s course

Meaghan and Dr Jeffrey Klein (the inventor of tumescent liposculpture so that the procedure can be performed purely under local anaesthesia and not general anaesthesia) at his surgicentre in Orange County USA 2013. Such an inspiring man who has revolutionised liposculpture!

Meaghan and her Aussie mates (Jacinta and Anne) attending Dr Jeffrey Klein’s liposculpture workshop in Laguna Beach California USA June 2013.


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